We had a moment of meditation and then a brainstorming session to select our theme. 

Carollynne, our Program Chair, provided a theme of "Gifts of Recovery," suggested by her committee. Thoughts were shared by others:

Beth (Vice Chair): Grace, Gratitude, and Growth

Karla (Facilities Chair): Strength from Unity

Lisa (Treasurer): Trust Unity Support

Christine (Pre-Conference Registration): I am Enough

Bob (Chair): Let’s Grow DA! Survival to Serenity

Carol (Oregon Liaison): Any words that align with program

George (Vancouver BC Liaison), Phil (Secretary): Gifts of Recovery

Carollynne spoke about offering conference attendees three streams: "
Strength, Support, Serenity." An attendee could follow a stream through the course of the conference.

During our brainstorming, a couple related details came up for discussion:

We took a unanimous group conscience to use only DA conference-approved literature, which would mean DA-Anon and other related but outside issues, would be outside the scope of the 2017 Northwest DA Conference.

Our proposed 2017 theme — “
Gifts of Recovery — Strength, Support, Serenity” — passed unanimously. Yay, team!

About Our 2017 Theme

Living in God’s World

(i.e. applying DA's

Steps and Tools)

One of the first orders of business for the Northwest DA Conference planning committee each year is to select a theme. Sometimes that takes hours, sometimes minutes. Here was our process on October 3, 2016:

Strength, Support, Serenity

Receiving God’s Promises

(i.e. how we approach our lives after the spiritual awakening promised in Step 12 has manifested)



Seeking God’s Will

(i.e. personal vision work and working together to grow DA’s membership)