A June afternoon at Alki Point in Seattle

About Seattle Weather

Text on this page has been adapted from a page on the Bastyr University website. 
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​​A crystal clear July night at the downtown Tacoma bridge

An August day on the Bastyr University Campus in Kenmore

Strength, Support, Serenity

Let's have some real talk: You've heard about Seattle weather. You're concerned about Seattle weather. This is the land of angry, light-deprived grunge music, where rain slickers are couture fashion, where we need espresso by the gallon to stay awake, where old-timers are called "mossbacks" because if you stop moving long enough, the damp green understory swallows you whole. Allegedly.

What's it really like? Let's take a look at the summer season, month by month:

June will break your heart, especially if you're from the East Coast, the Midwest, or — bless your heart — the South. While the rest of this great nation flings off clothing and slathers sunscreen and fires up the grill, the Northwest wet season casts its final lingering shadow over the region. June gloom, we call it. It's cloudy, low 60s, often drizzly. Except when it isn't. When the sun bursts forth, the populace rushes to every park, trail, grill, lake, beach, and playing field in sight, savoring every warm ray, knowing it's precious.

July invariably begins with a week or so of chilly, dismal taunting, and then the clouds vanish and the Northwest leaps into its glorious true summer. It's mid 70s and not humid in the least. You go out cavorting and enjoy yourself and thank the skies you don't have to huddle by an air conditioner. (When it does reach the 80s for a few days, you know it, because few of us have air conditioners.) There's a festival somewhere every weekend, inviting beaches (the water stays icy, though), and hikes with clear mountain lakes at the top. It's great.

​August is 80s and sunny. Heaven for snowbirds. Time for fantastic trips to places like Shaw Island and the Cascade mountains​. Not as fantastic for sitting in classrooms and auditoriums, as we found out in 2015. While Bastyr University is a wonderful new home for our annual conference, late August was a little too late and too hot for us.

Hence our move to July in 2016. We're anticipating perfect weather, a wonderful program, a spiritual experience, and incredible fellowship.

Come join us!