Strength, Support, Serenity

When asked "What did you like most?" participants at the
2015 Northwest DA Conference said:

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Less on Friday more on Sunday good choice.

Good workshops, great speakers, good food, good facilities, what more could a gal want.

1) Gary's speech. 2) the energy in the room during the Miracles workshop 3) Underearner workshop w Linda & Ione.

The fellowship, the location.

The thing I liked most about this year's conference was the keynote speakers. Also, the conference ran as if it was running on its own it appeared to be effortless.

Community, fellowship.

This is my fifth one and it was wonderful to see everyone again.

The wonderful fellowship, dynamic speakers, great workshops, beautiful environment. Loved the meditation room.

Website, logo, and marketing materials.

Debt- Anon, I am happy to know it is available to enhance our program.

The outdoor space / turtle pond. garden. woods so close by. and of course Location! was so happy about that. if it was at the other location i would have not come again for sure.

I liked the teamwork and dedication of the planning committee most. The location was a very close second. I look forward to returning to the park and visiting the lake.

I liked that there was a big shift away from tools and onto the steps. I liked that there wasn't a tools game and that almost all the speakers hit on just doing the basics of the program: a spending plan, the steps. I really heard that message over and over again in a way I have not heard before. It's my opinion that our fellowship needs to understand the basics badly.

The people.

It was so good.

The speakers, the ESH, the chance to connect with others in the program from other cities / towns.

The venue.

 ​​That 3rd step weekend.

Location, fellowship, teamwork, flexibility, fun. I loved seeing this event, and everyone's work, come together so well and successfully. I love collaboration, and we did an amazing job of that this year.

Being with my peeps, getting to know one another better, being in the concentrated energy of recovery. The nature outside was great.

Bastyr, most of the food.

In Seattle.

Community, fellowship.

The quality of people in attendance. A really inspiring crowd who live their recovery. Workshop format. Participatory sessions were the best.

Fellowship! I loved that we had people from so many different areas.

The joy and vitality of the people in all the workshops in addition to all the wonderful topics.

The location, the people who put it on were friendly and helpful.

I haven't attended for a couple years so reconnecting with other debtors was the best part and also meeting some new people.

Fellowship and inspiration.

I liked how everything was really easy to find and in the one location. I liked the variety and loved the setting within that beautiful forest.

The fellowship.

Keynote Speakers, workshop facilitators.

The meditation room! Plus, overall, you created a beautiful atmosphere of safe sharing and growth. It was really, really cool to spend more than a rushed hour with people I've been seeing at meetings for years.

Being with other DA members. Feeling like part of a group, less in isolation.

 ​​The speakers.

Lightness as opposed to levity.

The location.

I liked everything about it. Kudos to the organizers.

The way it was so organized, and thought out ---- loved the meditation room and the clothing swap etc.

The workshops I attended were great--I like bringing people from other areas to speak and do workshops.

Beautiful location, closer to home (Seattle), nice courtyards and grounds to wander in. LOVED the sing-a-long being outdoors, almost like singing around a camp fire, which removes some inhibition to singing in public. All of the keynote speakers were terrific. Great workshops, real hope and recovery.

Seeing the massive amount of recovery in the Seattle area.

Extremely well-run, well-planned (great workshops and presenters), and creative!

Awesome facilities.

People, fellowship, stories of recovery (speakers and stories told in workshops).


Fellowship in a beautiful environment.

The sense of cooperation, harmony, and successful organization between all who were putting on the conference.

Site and workshop choices.

It was very well organized.

Fellowship. "Dorm" feeling -- I loved the sense of being immersed in DA for a weekend. Beautiful meditation space. Saturday night freestyle string band sing-along jam session!

Meeting and Socializing with others in DA.


I thought that the structure worked well overall. Third Step.

The keynote speakers were all excellent, loved what George said, no resentment can withstand constant prayer. (or words to that effect.)

I loved hearing the recovery that the speakers and workshop leaders have. Their recovery gives me hope.

Liked everything!​​​

Members Love the 2015 Northwest DA Conference