I liked greeting my friends, and meeting new friends. I liked lunch in the shade on the patio near the lotus pond with a new friend I met this past year. I was grateful the weather was cooperative.

Seeing old friends.

Very organized and smooth running so that I felt safe to be in community with my fellows in recovery and practice my recovery.

The great variety of opportunities to listen to great experience strength and hope.

Meeting new people from outside Washington State.

Nice people.

The whole experience and also to be able to lead a workshop.

Speakers, Step workshops.

Loved nearly all of it, hard to pick "the best."

Meeting members I hadn't known before, and I like workshops.


Julie's story. Stellar.

Hearing different ESH and meeting people. I feel like my DA community expands when I come down to the conference.

The energy and the inspiration provided by the workshops!

I love serving this conference and community. Until the last month or so, I felt like part of a well-functioning team. We didn't agree on everything, but we had a general agreement to address conflict head on and to seek harmony together. Those months of service were wonderful. The last month or so not so much.

The energy and connection of coming together and being in a safe space to explore and learn.

Doing a volunteer prg for someone else.

Great location, beautiful program, felt uplifted.

This is the first conference I have attended. Thanks so much. Thanks to the organizing committee for all the time and effort you put in, to make this such a great event.

That we had one and the workshops.

Speakers, workshops, and food.

Overall coming away feeling inspired and motivated.


Connecting with DA members from outside of the immediate area, getting to do service with new DA friends, seeing people being inspired and moved by the activities/workshops/speakers.

The workshops.

Keynote speakers.

I liked the pre-conference service circle led by Cecilia - I liked the opportunity to meet and talk with members from other places. I liked the one on one sharing we did in the First Things First for Business Owners where we turned to our neighbor and shared for a few minutes.

People having fun and making friends in the vision room.

Meeting people, the friendly and welcoming attitude of attendees and everyone.

Seeing old friends!

Very well done. I appreciated being able to buy current books there and register at the door.

The number of people who attended.​

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Members Love the 2016 Northwest DA Conference

When asked "What did you like most?" participants at the
2016 Northwest DA Conference said:


Strength, Support, Serenity