Q:      Are dogs allowed on the school grounds?

A:      Yes, but only on leashes and not in the buildings, including the dorm rooms. In fact, overnight guests are asked not to bring dogs, even during the day. Please don’t leave dogs in your car if they bark or become distressed when left alone, and do not bring aggressive dogs to campus. 

Q:      Is camping allowed on the school grounds?

A:      No. Camping is not allowed on campus or next door at St. Edwards State Park. Both are day use only.

Q:      How do I get to the conference?

A:      You can access a map, directions, and other related information on our Contact page.

Q:      Can I bring kids?

A:      No. The conference is an adults-only (18+) event.

Q:      Can I bring my non-DA spouse?

A:      Yes. Please note, however, that your spouse needs to register for the conference (and pay the conference fees) if attending any of the scheduled activities, and that all meal plans are per person by day.

Q:      Will there be open time for other 12-step meetings?

A:      No. This is strictly a DA conference. However, there are various 12-step programs meeting in Seattle throughout every weekend. Please visit the local Intergroup websites for your other programs and feel free to ask for more information at registration.

Q:      I’m allergic to fragrances; will there be rules against fragrances?

A:      Bastyr University is (or at least tries to be) a fragrance-free facility to help protect those with sensitivities and allergies. We encourage everyone to keep this in mind, to be respectful of those around them, and to be mindful of potential reactions to scents.

Q:      Can I come to the conference if I haven’t registered in advance?

A:      Yes, although you will need to pay full price. Both cash and checks will be accepted onsite. However, no post-dated checks will be accepted. And we cannot promise availability of onsite meals after the July 7 cutoff. Please be sure to plan and register ahead of time if you want to take advantage of this service.

Q:      What's the conference's refund policy?

A:      Both conference fees and meals are 90% refundable through June 30th. The 10% is just to cover any errors that cancellations may cause. Conference fees and meals canceled after June 30th will be 50% refundable. By this point, we will have made many commitments to the venue and other vendors based specifically on the registrations we've received. Refunds will be made in the same payment form as we received (i.e. if you paid by check, you will receive a refund by check; if you paid via PayPal, you will receive a refund via PayPal). In order to receive a refund, your registration must be cancelled AT LEAST 72 hours before the conference begins. We will not issue refunds for no-shows.

Q:      Are scholarships available?

A:      Our group conscience has led us away from needs-based scholarships and toward participation-based service awards. Please see the Service Awards pages — Service Award program, Service Award application, and Service Award contributions — for more information. Service awards have been closed for this year. 

Q:      I’m confused about the fees. Do conference fees include food and lodging?

A:      No. Conference fees cover only the cost of the conference (speakers, workshops, and fellowship activities). On-campus lodging and dining options are separate and highly recommended!

We will share five meals in the Dining Commons over the course of the weekend. To keep things simple, we are offering a 5-meal package for $90 (if purchased or postmarked by April 15th). Or you can purchase daily meal plans for either Saturday (3 meals) or Sunday (2 meals). There will be two choices for each meal — one meat (or chicken) dish and one vegan dish. The venue will work to meet all special dietary needs such as vegan, wheat-free, and sugar-free. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate rare allergies. Click here for more details. And check out the list of nearby restaurants we’ve prepared for you.​​

Onsite lodging is being handled directly by Bastyr’s Conference Services staff. Please contact them via email at confer@bastyr.edu or by phone at (425) 602-3075. Please note that Bastyr’s Student Village lodging option is no longer available for conferences. There are approximately 40 main building dorm rooms, singles and doubles, available, though. We have researched nearby hotels for those who prefer. Please look for more details here.

Q:      Is the Dining Commons my only option?

A:      The conference planning committee has a vision that every registrant will share meals with us at Bastyr University, fostering fellowship opportunities and creating a spirit of camaraderie. However, you may choose to eat on your own or off-campus, of course. You can click here for a list of nearby restaurants.

Q:      Can I bring my own food?

A:      Our arrangement with Bastyr is that we encourage all conference participants to purchase meal plans for Saturday, Sunday, or both. But we also support people’s needs to care for their health in whatever way is necessary. This year our conference registrants may bring their own food to the Dining Commons at meal times. Two refrigerators and a microwave will be available in the Dining Commons for those who bring their food.

Q:      I have food allergies. Will there be options for me at each meal?

A:      Usually. We have had difficulty accommodating rare allergies, like garlic. Please email facilities@northwestda.org after registering to ensure that your dietary needs are documented and addressed. 

Q:      Can I eat the food prepared in the Dining Commons if I don’t pay for meals up-front?

A:      Maybe. We have to commit to our meal counts ten days before the conference starts. We’ll estimate a few extras for onsite registrations, but those will be very few. Planning your onsite meals ahead of time would be helpful to everyone.

Pre-Conference FAQ


Strength, Support, Serenity


If you have more questions, please send an email to promises@northwestdaconference.org


Q:      Do I have to pay for everything when I register?

A:      We’ve been getting this question a lot. The conference planning committee designed the registration process to provide you with maximum flexibility in arranging your attendance, so we’ve got several different answers. The registration options — both on paper and online — include three items you can sign up for: conference fees, onsite meals, and Service Award contributions. At this point in the process, when you submit your registration, you must pay for everything you sign up for.

If you’re unsure whether you want onsite meals and / or to make a Service Award contribution, you may register now for only the conference, and sign up later for meals and / or contributions. (To do so, submit an additional registration — either on paper or online — following the instructions provided on the form or online.) However, note that there is a deadline for signing up for the meal plans — payment must be postmarked no later than June 30th to guarantee availability. Online registration, including meals, will close at midnight on Friday, July 7th.

If you’re unsure which days you want to attend, you may wait to register for the conference until later — however, note that conference fees increase after April 15 and again after May 31. To get the most value for your dollars, we urge you to register now!